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5 Trends

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Trend 1 |
Tech companies enter real estate sector

The global Tech players are redefining work, shopping, mobility, leisure and the way we live. So what is going to happen when they start to selling property?


Trend 2 |
Unlimited investment in the PropTech jungle

There are now so many proptech solutions coming you need to be part of an organisation with the scale to dedicate a division to even assess which one you should use.


Trend 3 |
Data Rich and Information Poor

Our systems create an exponential amount of data. Companies now die in the data, as they don’t have the tools to analyse it and/or automate the processes.


Trend 4 | Online Sales of Real Estate – Changing Customer Behaviour

Online platforms will provide users with an opportunity to conclude deals by themselves, the process of acquiring and selling real estate will be greatly simplified. People are becoming comfortable not using an agent.


Trend 5 | Winning and keeping the best staff

You will need the latest tools, tech and way of thinking to retain good staff.

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5 Trends